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The QuickTip is a must have tool for every tool kit. QuickTip is a portable, high temperature soldering iron that is quick to heat and powered by a unique USB connection. The Quicktip comes with a duel head USB connector and plugs into any standard USB port. QuickTip can also create a bond that is strong enough to be considered brazing for those soldering applications requiring the highest of temperatures. If totally portable is what you desire, then included in the QuickTip packaging is a unique “snap-on” 9volt battery adapter. Utilizing the battery adapter, the QuickTip will achieve temperatures of 930°F. This makes the QuickTip fast, portable, convenient and lightening hot! Internal batteries, butane gas chambers and cords are awkward and bulky, making other soldering irons difficult to use in intricate projects requiring precision and skill. By removing the need for an internal power source, the QuickTip is a slim lined tool that fits easily into the palm of the hand and can be held like any common pen or pencil. Its slim body design allows the QuickTipTM to fit into the smallest of spaces, which makes it great for use with circuit boards, jewelry making, models, crafts, wiring, audio sound repairs and installations, car stereo applications and hundreds of other uses. The QuickTip USB connection requires little energy to operate, making the QuickTip not only easy to use but also very green friendly. The precision engineering of QuickTip allows it to achieve its high temperatures within a few seconds, whether powered by USB or battery. Included in the design is an LED light to illuminate the project at hand. Its easy on/off touch sensitive switch allows the user to control QuickTip with ease. QuickTip comes with a sponge pad, one USB duel head “Y” cable, one 9V Battery-USB cable and instructions/user manual. Quite simply, the QuickTipTM is the perfect addition to any tool kit!

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