Soldering Flux – 95/5 Solder-n-Flux (1/2lb)

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95/5 tin antimony solder combined with flux in paste form for brush on application. Used for joining copper tubing and fittings in plumbing, heating and drain waste and vent lines. Can also be used to join metals including copper, brass, zinc, tin, lead, galvanized and black iron steel and some grades of stainless steel. One pound can do the work of three to four pounds of wire solder.95/5 SOLDER-N-FLUX makes a stronger joint than 50/50 SOLDER-N-FLUX which makes it ideal for applications where temperatures, pressure or vibration is great. Also, 95/5 SOLDER-N-FLUX does not contain lead so it can be used in connection with potable water systems

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