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Propane Gauge. Our propane tank gauge lets you know how full your grill tank is. A quick glance at this propane tank meter shows whether you have enough gas to grill or its time for a refill. The easy-to-read dial displays ranges for cold, cool and hot days, so you can be confident the gas level you see is what you have. Get a propane tank meter and never face the embarrassment of an empty BBQ tank. “Uncanny, isnt it The way your tank always runs out when youre cooking for guests. With a propane gas gauge, those days are past. Now you can check you fuel level beforehand and ensure your grill will be blazing when company arrives. Use it and youll agree this propane tank gauge is your most important grilling tool. Our propane gauge also checks for hazardous gas leaks. “Every time you start up your grill, the propane tank gauge instantly checks for leaks caused by loose connections, saving you money and preventing dangerous conditions for yourself and your family. If youre serious about grilling, you need a propane gas gauge. Provides easy-to-read results for a variety of temperature ranges. Installs in seconds without tools. Prevents any gas flow until your grill is completely connected. Propane tank meter is UL-listed. Make sure you have enough propane and grill safe. Order your propane gas gauge from Brookstone today.

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