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Now, you can repair the problem plastics like TPO, TEO, and PP just like the pros do with the Uni-Welder Lite. The Uni-Welder Lite contains everything you need to repair problem plastics. Just look at all the benefits… 200 watt element provides you with the necessary heat to apply the FiberFlex and melt in the Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh. Special tip allows for easy spreading and shaping of the FiberFlex. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh creates repairs that are often stronger than the original part. Stainless Steel Wire Brush keeps build-up from forming on the tip so that you can blast through your repair in no time. FiberFlex welding rod eliminates the need to identify the plastic. This kit contains the heating element with the flat welding tip, a welder stand, stainless steel reinforcing wire mesh (10 inches (25 cm) by 5 inches (12 cm)), 15 ft. (4.6 m) of Polyvance’s FiberFlex. Each rod is 1 ft. (30 cm) long. The rods are approximately 1/8th inch (3 mm) thick and 1/2 inch (12 mm) wide.

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